Wasteland Chronicles is coming to Audible!

You may or may not know this, but the first three Wasteland Chronicles books are available in audio.

Unfortunately, the series was never completed. I sold the rights of the first three to Tantor back in 2016. I was very impressed the production. But I never took the time to email them about getting the last four done.

That’s my fault. I understand a lot of people “read” books almost only through audio. Plenty of people over the years have emailed me about doing them.

Audiobooks’ popularity have exploded, especially over the last five years. Not getting into audio so late has been one of my biggest mistakes as a writer. But it’s one of my main goals for 2021.

Earlier this year, after receiving another email, I reached out to Tantor. And much to my surprise, they made me an offer for the rest of the series. Using the same narrator for the first three.

So, Revelation will be coming most likely in December this year, followed by the rest in early 2021. It seems a long time to wait, but that will also coincide when the first books of my new series are going to come out. So the timing is right.

I’m super happy with how it’s going. The narrator, by the name of Graham Halstead, is a talented voice artist. His narration brings Alex to life and he does all the characters well. It makes you feel like you’re a part of the Wasteland crew. His voice even drew in some of my family members, who aren’t readers. So I count myself very fortunate that Tantor was able to get him again, even if I have to wait a few months extra.

This sort of brings me to another point. I want to make audio for all my books a reality. To sort of test the waters, I’m currently auditioning voice artists for Lost Angel. The submissions I’ve gotten so far have been very good, so it’ll be difficult to choose. Hearing the samples read by a professional made me interpret it in a different way. It was like I was experiencing the story for the first time.

After I learn the ropes with Lost Angel, my next goal is to get Xenoworld done, too. The first person narration should make it a very emotional journey! I’ll get started on that as soon as I figure out how the whole process works with Lost Angel.

Audio is something I’ve neglected to my downfall. I guess I always supposed that it would be too expensive and remain out of reach for me. But I’ve since discovered Amazon has ways to make it easier for smaller authors to make it happen.

Anyway, here’s to (finally) completing the audio versions of WC. And may there be a bright future for the rest of my works as well. This process will take time, but my hope is that I can find an awesome artist to work with. I can’t wait to see who will bring both Makara, and later, Shanti to life.

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  • That’s awesome and really nice to hear. The timing is really funny as well since I just started getting into audio books a week or two ago. Having finished listening to the first two books I got, I went searching to see if my favorite series (Wasteland Chronicles) was there to experience it differently than I have, saw the first three, which gave me hope that the others would follow and here we are. I’ll definitely look forward to the future releases.

    • That is good timing! I think it’s great for everyone. The narrator for Wasteland Chronicles was perfectly cast. I think when you’re ready to listen to it, you have a very good listen ahead of you.

  • That’s terrific news. It’s exciting, because with the right narrator the listener will be right in the middle of the horrific events, in the bunker, when man first meets the “monsters”. The first 3 books are my favorite and I can say without a doubt the audios are going to be a hit.

    • Years ago I saw the cover of book 1 of the Wasteland series in my libraries audio book catalog. I became intrigued, I started listening, then became hooked. Audio books are a definite hit with computers like me… well, before the days of COVID, when I wasn’t working from home.

      • That’s good to know! I used to listen to audiobooks pretty regularly years ago during work hours. I got through quite a few books that way.

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