Well…This was Unexepcted

In what may be one of the greatest headstarts in the history of writerdom, I’m already 15,000 words into Xenofall.

And the good news doesn’t end there – I expect Extinction to be online and available for download at some point in the next few days. It’s just going through a proofreader and once I have it back, it’s publish time!

This one was pretty fun to write. It’s action almost all the way throughout, and still leaves plenty of story to be worked out in the next book.

What can I say, I can’t wait to have it out.

Comment Section

    • Believe me I can’t wait either. I’ve been working on this one for about three months now and that’s just too long. It should be out soon!

  • Just finished Darkness tonight! Great series! I’m excited that Extinction is coming out within the next few days. I don’t know what I’ll do until you finish Xenofall.

  • Hi I’m a fairly new fan. About 3 weeks ago, I bought a new 6 pack of books from Amazon, mostly because of the ultra low price of $.99. I was a bit concerned about some of those books, yours included because they were volume 2 of a series and I prefer to judge a series by its first volume. The first book in the 6 pack offered volume 1 for free, so I got that & started reading. I didn’t really care for it, so I went to the second of my 6 books, hoping it also offered a free volume 1, which it did. That was your book and I was hooked by the first chapter, since my favorite setting for those types of books is years after TEOTWAWKI. I love your story and raced through the 5 volumes out in about a week and then read them again, slower, hoping Extinction would be out before I finished. No such luck as I finished Darkness yesterday. So the reason I’m writing is I have 2 or 3 questions. First and most important is: Will Extinction be available earlier than Amazon will offer it? Part of the reason I ask is because it’s not in my recommendations for “coming soon” like other series I bought in the past & I wonder why that is. After reading the comments here from Friday and Saturday, I told myself I would have it by Sunday or Monday. If for some reason it’s not available tomorrow, I implore you to offer a few pages or the first chapter even, somewhere in cyberspace for us poor Wasteland junkies. Lol Thanks for taking the time to answer fans and thanks for your awesome story, I hope you get an offer from a movie studio, what a great bunch of movies your books would make!

    • Rhonda, very flattered by your comment and I am glad you’re enjoying the series so much! My favorite kind of post-apocalyptic is when the story picks up years after the end of the world event, so that was the kind of book series I set out to write.

      You’re actually in luck, because Extinction came out today. It’s available on Kindle, so get it!

      As far as “Coming Soon,” I’m not on those emails because I’m not big-time enough, but maybe one day I will be. And a movie series is beyond my imagination at this point, although that would be incredible.

      Thanks for your post, and I hope you enjoy the new book!

  • Kyle…sounds like you were “in the zone.” Sometimes I get so wrapped up in writing that I don’t realize how much I’ve done or how long it took.

    Keep up the work!

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