Where I’ve Been

Well, this is the third time I’ve posted this month, which is a bit inexcusable. It’s not that I haven’t thought about blogging. I’ve been exhausted. I don’t really know why. I want to say it’s work but not really, because I blogged like crazy all through February.

That, and for the first time since December, I’ve been getting distracted from my writing. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve finished two first drafts since then, the second of which is book 2 of Wasteland.

Motivation has been hard to find, but I have ten days until it’s set to go online. Which really isn’t much time for a document that’s hardly been looked at that is 185 pages long. The book is still struggling to find its voice and I hope ten days is long enough to find it. I’d hate to put it off but it goes up then for better or worse.

Good news though, the cover is done, looks awesome, and will be posted soon. I’ve done a couple giveaways of Apocalypse on Goodreads. Together, 1,600 requested a copy of the book which is insane. I was getting more requests than real life professional authors which was a little flattering. This probably the most successful promotion I’ve done of the book besides the free days I did with Amazon. I plan on doing another one once book 2 is out.

I really think that if book 2 is also good, then this could be the thing that lets the book pick up steam. I’ve really learned a lot in the past few months, the chief of which is to keep plugging away and not lose the momentum you’ve built up for yourself. Whatever it is you want to do in life just keep at it and doing that thing starts to become a habit and not constant drudgery.

Also, I’m back to reading now which is helping my writing quite a bit.

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