Where to Next?

I am glad to be home and doing what I like to do – sitting in front of a computer, and happily plotting and outlining my next story.

This one seems a bit interesting. It is a dark fantasy (not horror, but dealing with some darker elements and moods), with a female protagonist. That in itself might prove to be a challenge, but I like a challenge.

I always like stories and books with darker themes, so I guess that’s what I like to write.

This one will be a novella as well – 30,000-40,000 words is my goal. I enjoy writing novellas. Not as long, not as much pressure, and still enough space to craft a compelling yarn. Well, hopefully compelling.

What I want in this book:

-flawed, complex characters (at least the main ones)

-dark themes

-moral ambiguity

-a rich,¬†vibrant¬†world that feels very real to the reader; NOT medievally, NOT European/Celtic/English. I’m thinking perhaps a slightly Byzantine air (yes, I know that’s European), with a dash of something else that is its own. I imagine a populous, advanced city, like Constantinople. There is also plenty of magic, though its use is rare and controlled by a powerful religion that permeates all of society. Magic is very dangerous, and can easily get out of control, which is why it is regulated as much as possible. There is also a party (maybe political) that wants to restrict its use even further, and some who even want all magic-users dead.

-a maritime setting; I envision a city set on the sea at the north of a wild, fantastical, and almost prehistoric continent (in an alternate universe – no Earthlings here, though the characters will be human). Also, two moons. Because why not.

-there is magic; but only a few people have it, and it costs them dearly to use it. The main character has magic, but she cannot control it, and it causes her to kill people unintentionally (oh noes!). Her magic is unleashed whenever she loses control of her emotions, namely in high stress situations, or situations that have a very powerful impact on her. Sort of like Carrie, in a way, though she can’t really direct her power.

That’s all I have for now. All of that is subject to change. I kinda envision two or three books in this series. It will be a challenge, to find out what it is and put it to page. But that’s the fun part of first drafting.

Also, reading this for inspiration…Jemisin rocks.


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