Work has begun on Book 3!

I’m a bit nervous about this series, because it seems I’m saving all the good stuff for Book 3.

In a way that’s good. My only worry is Book 1 is going to be too boring since it’s more about building the scene than lots of action.

It was a bit of a creative risk. But if a reader is patient with a slow ramp up, the payoff is going to be enormous.

Book 1 definitely sets the scene. There is definitely conflict, a lot of it being interior. But it’ll give the reader a glimpse at the world and introduces the reader to a lot of mystery. My hope is that it’s intriguing enough to continue.

Book 2 picks up in action, and the stakes are raised. The series takes a risk in that the MC makes a lot of stupid mistakes. He fails quite a bit. He’s not a superman, which is my pet peeve of a lot of sci-fi/fantasy novels. You never feel like the main character is in danger because they never make mistakes. And when they are in a compromising situation, something swoops in and saves the day.

There may be a few moments like that, but the main character will be punished for their mistakes and flaws. It’s interesting writing that kind of character. Shanti especially is more of a superwoman due to her connection with Anna.

The main character of this series, Lucian, will have to earn his powers. And he even as he earns them, he won’t be able to control them well. Using that power will also come at a cost.

It’s safe to say he won’t even be competent until Book 5 or so. Which might make some readers impatient, but then again, the payoff will be so much greater. He will spend a lot of time in danger, a pawn of forces greater than himself. This will hammered on in Book 2, and especially in Book 3.

Which I’m writing now. There’s going to be a lot of fun stuff in this book. The gloves will be coming off, so to speak.

I’m super optimistic about this series. It’s clear looking at the text that Book 1 is the slowest of the three. It reveals some big information, but you don’t learn everything. Every book will reveal more, and there’s a pretty big reveal at the end of Book 2.

Of course, it’s hard to know if Book 1 sucks or not. There are actually a few scenes I want to go back and add. For the most part, what’s there is what’s going to be in the final book.

How I ramble on and on. Well, back to writing. I have about 4,000 words down on Book 3. There are a lot of exciting scenes I’m ready to write.

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