Working on Book 5

I took a short break from writing and now I’m back at it (well, I’ve been back at it for at least a week now, so I may have taken a couple of days off writing at most(this parentheses is unnecessarily long)).

I’m trying some new, something I really haven’t done since at least Evolution. Which feels like eons ago. Usually, I do very little plotting beforehand and just follow where the words will lead me. This has worked out, more or less, but it has gotten me in trouble a few times where I’ve written my characters into situations I didn’t know how they’d deal with.

So, for this book, I’m experimenting with writing a very detailed outline so I’ll always know where to go. Most authors seem to do it this way, and it does have a lot of advantages. Writer’s block shouldn’t be an issue as long as I know what the next step is.

In this book, there’s a lot of stuff that has to happen and a lot more characters to keep track of since quite a few joined Shanti’s retinue. In order to give them all some page time and justice so that they’re not just “there,” I need a concrete plan so that they all interact with the plot in the right way.  One of the disadvantages of writing in the first person (when everything is told from the main character’s perspective) is that it can be difficult to write lots of characters, which is a problem I ran into with Wasteland Chronicles.

So, I’m hoping this works out. This week will be spent tailoring my outline and making sure most everything is accounted for. Then the next few months will be spent on the actual writing.

I hope everyone is enjoying/has enjoyed Sanctum. A lot of cool stuff will be happening in the next book and I look forward to writing it.

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  • Hi,Kyle. That’s a good sign. Hope you’re fully powered,ha,ha. But take time to rest and have fun with the festive season. Happy holiday and seasons’ greetings!

  • Hello,

    With the last book–I just started the latest–I found WAY too much detail. It got dull. I felt like it was just a way to prolong the story like some authors do in order to keep selling a series. I hope your latest release doesn’t follow the same trend, or I’ll be done with the series. Already I am annoyed with sword instruction. At this point, it seems the character should be more connected to who she realty is–Anna. I’m not feeling this. She seems too childish as well. It’s early, and I hope it changes. Having read both series, I was disappointed in the last, sadly. I haven’t written a review on the last. Good luck. I think an outline will help. Karen


    • Wow Karen, everyone to their own opinion. I did tell Kyle that the beginning was hard to get through but when it finally got going I thought it was amazing. Hope the next one brings you back into the fold.

  • Well YEEHAW, first off. And, thanks for the insight into the process. Often wondered if outlines were always used. Admit it must help but also understand how “free” writing can excite.

  • I can’t wait till the next book is out!!!! The last one just seemed to be to short. That or I need to slow down my reading!!! LOL. I AM a speed reader.

  • If you think Wasteland Chronicles could have been better, by following an outline, you are nuts. It was one of the best of the series (in my opinion anyway). Each book in the series has been amazing and this last really one was crazy good. However you chose to right, it will be amazing.

  • another amazing book, read it in 2 days. I always feel that your books are too short lol, I really get swept away in their world. thank you for your amazing work and am looking forward to your next book.

  • Loved Sanctum! I can’t wait to find out what happens to Isaru, and how Anna will continue to prove herself to the world. Keep up the amazing writing!

  • Hey Kyle, the wife and I are loving the series. We do a lot of traveling so the audio books work great for us and Graham Halsted does a fantastic job narrating. On that note, can you tell me when/if Sanctom is being done in the audio format?

    • Mr. Halsted does do a fantastic job narrating. Xenoworld Saga probably won’t be made into audiobooks at anytime in the near future, unfortunately, so it’s just the first three books of Wasteland. I’m glad you’re enjoying the series.

    • I was getting ready to send out a posse, but then I saw that love was the culprit. Don’t ever want to complain about an author not having time to write, but man oh man, I’m glad your back. Can’t wait see what your writing.

      Glad to have you back.

  • Hey,do you have a date yet for when the next book will be out? It’s already April going into May. I’m chomping at the bite here!!LOL LOL

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