Writing Resolution

Alright I’ve been meaning to post much more often that I have, but lately I’ve found I’ve had little to say.

I’m surprised to find that my new novella is almost 15,000 words in. I’ve been trying to wake up in the mornings to write on it, but sometimes life gets in the way. My goal is to get up at 5:30 each morning, which gives me an hour before having to leave for work. I can get in maybe thirty minutes that way so when I get home there is not much to do writing-wise.

I write very fast. I can get 1,000 words in an hour, but usually after that I am spent. On very good days, I can get to 2,000 or even more.

Also, I am reformatting my first book, Night of the Necromancer. It’s almost two years old now. It’s crazy how time flies. I still love the book, but rereading I’ve noticed that I have become a better writer.

My co-author and I are completely revamping it. Better formatting, a professional look, and hopefully getting rid of the typos that seem to plague it.

This was something we should have done much earlier. I’m starting to recognize my chronic laziness for what it is. So far I’m very pleased with how it’s going. It’s been getting a lot of sales since Christmas, which is encouraging, and is all the more reason to get it done quickly.

Recent writing insight I’ve had: I’m not sure this is a hard and fast rule, but I’ve always thought the more skilled the writer, the more complicated their stories and plots. I’m not so sure of that anymore. Maybe it’s just a testament to my lack of skill, but any time the plot gets too complicated I start to lose control and the story bogs down. I’m trying to keep things simple.

I think the writer’s goal generally should be simplicity, not complexity. Complexity comes of its own accord.

Anyhow, 2012 was my best year for me, writing-wise. I finished writing two books. I could have done a lot more. I’m hoping for at least six this year.

Yes, you heard me. Six. Count that as my resolution.

I’d like to be completely done with this one, editing and formatting and all, by the end of January.

Anyway, here’s to a new year and SIX new books!

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