Xenofall on iTunes!

As the title says, Xenofall has finally been published to iTunes. Just received the email and checked the iTunes store, so it should be there and good to go. And with that missing link, Xenofall is officially published everywhere.

Which reminds me, I forgot to put it on Smashwords. So, I’ll get on that…

Comment Section

  • I have officially read all of “The Wasteland Chronicles” getting to the end of the series is a heart breaking moment… It was just the type of book that was absolutely perfect for my liking. If it went on forever, I would forever read it. I am glad though that in the “Notes” section of “Xenofall” that you are already working on the second series/sequel to “The Wasteland Chronicles” (it’s going to be a series right?) Anyways, thanks for such a good read and I will look into your further books and series!

      • Awesome, can’t wait to read them! Would really like to see your series’ come out with a physical release instead of just e-books though, that would be amazing. I do understand that there are issues with finding publishers and etc. though.
        Best of luck for you as your write!

    • Well, I don’t want to give too much away, but hopefully amazing? Right now I’m still trying to develop ideas, so all I can say is that it’s four centuries following the events of Wasteland 7. The world will look quite different from before. That’s really all I can say! It’ll be similar to WC in that there will be lots of action and a “save the world” type of plot.

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